Soft Tissue Surgery

We offer a range of routine soft tissue surgeries as well as a few that are more advanced.

The veterinarian will do a free complete examination before any procedure and your pet will be supervised during the entire stay. 

A complete chemistry analysis and review is done before all surgical and dental cases when sedation or anesthesia is performed.

All pets are catheterized intravenously and given IV fluids throughout their surgery.

All instruments are steam sterilized before all procedures, including dentistry’s and lacerations. Steam sterilization is more thorough than traditional cold sterilization, so we only use steam. No cold sterilization is used, in accordance with the A.A.H.A standards.

All pain management medications are properly dosed by the veterinarian for the safety and comfort of your pet. Depending on the procedure being performed, pain management medications are given before, during and as a part of the home treatment after your pet is released from the hospital.

Your pet will be closely monitored by the technicians and experienced veterinarians throughout the day after their surgery, and most pets are dismissed to be with their families the same day. After all, the owner is the best judge of the pet’s normal behavior. We have found that the animals are less stressed when they spend that first night at home with their owner and heal faster and more comfortably. Of course, for critical patients, overnight professionals are available for observance as needed at the Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware

All our surgical procedures are performed as early as possible in the day (with anesthetics that leave the system completely within several hours) to ensure that the pet is wide awake and ready to go home when you come in for your discharge appointment. We offer Sevoflurane anesthesia, the safest anesthetic available. It is used in human geriatric and pediatrics because of its safety record, and because it is an inhalant, we can quickly adjust the level of anesthesia while your pet is anesthetized. We can also quickly wake a pet up in moments in case of an emergency. There are other options for anesthesia that are much less expensive, however they do not offer these very important benefits. There are other options on the market that would keep surgical anesthetic costs down, however we feel your pet’s safety far outweighs cost factors, and we hope you agree.

Monitors such as blood pressure, ecg, pulse ox to monitor oxygen levels and CO2 levels are used during every procedure. An intensive care unit using air heating technology prevents hypothermia to ensure a safe recovery, for more serious procedures. In addition to this technology, even the surgical table is warmed so that your pet is kept completely warm on all surfaces, for any procedure, minor or major.

Nail trims are also done as a courtesy at the time of sedation. Additional procedures can be performed if elected at an additional cost.

Most procedures do not require suture removal since subcutaneous suturing is used. In cases that do require skin sutures, there is no charge for the recheck visit and suture removal.

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